Welcome to BAL-service. I offer repair, modification and cleaning of game consoles and other electronics. Electronics repair is mainly my hobby, but I have accumulated enough experience to offer many kinds of repairs on a professional level. If you are interested in my services, feel free to contact me.

express cleaning of PS5, PS4 and Xbox for 600 CZK

I offer cleaning and thermal paste replacement service for PlayStation 2, 3, 4 (Fat, Slim, Pro) or 5 (Slim) game consoles, or cleaning of Xbox game consoles and others. If you have a problem with a loud or overheating console, cleaning is a simple solution that will also extend the life of your device.

drift repair for Dualshock controllers for 400 CZK

I fix unwanted analog stick movement on Dualshock, Dualsense and other game controllers. I also perform a complete calibration after replacing the sensor on the controller. We can also arrange for cleaning.

HDMI repair on PS4 or PS5 consoles for 1300 CZK

Is your PlayStation 4 or 5's video not working but the console seems to boot up when you turn it on and everything seems to work otherwise? When you plug your headphones into the controller, do you even hear the main menu sound? I offer HDMI connector replacement for PS4 and PS5.

A broken connector is the most common reason for a non-functioning picture on the PlayStation, and fortunately can be replaced in most cases with the right equipment.

As part of the repair, I will also completely clean and re-paste the entire console (included).

You can find a sample of my work on Instagram

Buying back broken consoles

If you have a non-functioning game console, contact me and we can arrange a buy-back. I buy broken consoles from Sony (PlayStation), Nintendo (Switch, 3DS, DS, Game Boy, Wii, GameCube), Microsoft (Xbox). Get in touch if you have other electronics, such as a non-functioning laptop or other.

Other services and repairs:

  • Design of new hardware devices and prototypes.
  • Reverse engineering of consumer electronics firmware.
  • Flashing alternative firmware into IoT devices, Smart Home devices.
  • Installing modchip in gaming consoles.
  • Replacing the display and digitizer on Nintendo DS lite.
  • Repairing a broken power connector on PlayStation 4.
  • Repair of R2 button on Dualshock 4 gamepad.
  • Repair button on guitar pedal.
  • PlayStation Portable display replacement.
  • Repair volume and power buttons on Samsung smartphone.
  • Data recovery and repair of Nokia E66 mobile phone by transplanting parts from a working piece.
  • Repair of backlight on Hyundai TV.
  • Repair of bumper sensor on iRobot Roomba 605.
  • Repair of display backlight on handheld oximeter.
  • Replacement of display on Motorola smartphone.
  • Replacement of fan on HP laptop.
  • Repair of power micro usb connector on Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Repair of older HiFi player - repair of jammed CD drive and cold tin connections.
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My name is Jiří Balhar and I am a professional IT specialist. However, electronics repair has been my hobby since childhood. I like to document my repairs on my instagram (@jiribal), and you can follow me here.